Candidate Information

The below steps are required for anyone that is the application process, whether you are new applicant or a former employee going through the rehire process.

You will not be able to view these instructions while you take the Workbooth Assessment. We recommend that you print out the instructions to make it easier to follow along - click the below button to print the Website Assessment instructions.


Step 1 - Getting Prepared

Before you move on through the process of getting Workbooth and running the Workbooth Assessment, you must review the following information to ensure that you meet all of the technical requirements. This information has changed, so even if you have reviewed the information previously, be sure to check everything again to ensure you currently meet all of our requirements.

  1. Review the Technical Requirements to ensure your setup meets our minimum requirements.
  2. Review our Home Network Setup page - we've included detailed information on the best way to setup your Home Network for success with us
    • If your modem is a Gateway Modem (modem/router combination), you may need to consider Bridging Out your modem to have it work better with the complexity of our systems.
    • Another item to consider - if you have a Gateway Modem and have added a 4-Port Router, be sure that your Gateway Modem is Bridged Out or you risk having issues with Double-NAT.
  3. Check out our FAQ's, you may have a general question that is answered on this page.

Now that you have reviewed all of the information and your setup meets our requirements, please continue to the next step: Getting Workbooth.

Step 2 - Getting Workbooth

Anyone going through the application process (even if you are a former employee) is required to burn their own copy of Workbooth to use for the Workbooth Assessment - you cannot move forward in the application process until you have successfully completed the Workbooth Assessment. If you have taken the Assessment previously, you still need to take it again as there have been changes to the environment.

CLICK HERE to be taken to the instructions that will walk you through the process of creating your own copy of Workbooth - either burned onto a blank CD or copied onto a blank USB Flash/Thumb drive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you reach the first screen of the Workbooth Burning Utility, be sure to choose "I am a Job Applicant" - even if you used to have a username and password previously. Your previous username and password will not work, you need to use the Job Applicant option and enter your email address and Hirepoint ID. If you do not know your Hirepoint ID contact the Hirepoint Team before trying to burn your own copy of Workbooth.

Step 3 - Taking the Workbooth Assessment

Tip! - Do you have a web-capable phone or tablet? This page is viewable on your phone or tablet! That way, you can see the instructions on this page while your PC is off or you are in Workbooth.

Want to see a video of the Workbooth Assessment? Click Here.

  1. Put the Workbooth CD into your PC's CD/DVD Drive or plug the USB Flash drive into any available USB port.
  2. Power Off your PC (do not restart, power it off)
  3. In order to Boot to a CD or USB device, you will need to change your BIOS settings (BIOS is the black screen with white text that you see before Windows loads). Before you do this, review our BIOS Instructions so that you'll be prepared for the next step. (i.e. know what keys you will need to hit on your keyboard to access your BIOS)
  4. Power on your PC and immediately hit the correct keys to tell your PC to enter BIOS Setup
    • Tip: Hit the following keys in order, repeatedly and quickly after turning on your PC: ESC, F1, F2 DEL
    • These are the most common keys used to access the BIOS. If you hit each one quickly, over and over - immediately after powering on your PC, you should get to the BIOS screen.
    • If Windows loads instead of Workbooth, restart and try the above steps again.
    • Got a Dell? Skip BIOS and just hit F12 right after powering on your PC. This is a shortcut key that will take you to a Boot Options Menu. Use your arrow key to select your CD/DVD Drive and then hit Enter.
  5. In the BIOS, set either CD/DVD Drive or the USB Drive to be the first Boot Device (depending on which option you choose). Detailed instructions are here.
  6. Save the BIOS settings (usually F10 or F12).
  7. Your PC should restart and if you set BIOS correctly, Workbooth should now load. If Workbooth doesn't load correctly, repeat the above steps again.
  8. Wait for Workbooth to finish loading - once you hit the Login Screen, Workbooth is done loading
    • Can't get Workbooth to load? Check out our Self Help..
  9. Click on the Globe to start the CD Assessment (ignore the Login fields)
  10. Enter your Hirepoint ID (6-7 numbers, no letters) and your Email Address (the one you applied with)
    • Don't know your Hirepoint ID? Contact the Hirepoint Team. Tech Support does not have access to Hirepoint ID's, so we will not be able to assist with this.

  11. Click on Submit to start the CD Assessment
  12. Once the Assessment is done, you will see a results page telling you if you passed or failed
    • Failed to Post? That means either the Hirepoint ID or Email Address was entered incorrectly. Confirm your Hirepoint ID and Email and then retake the CD Assessment.
  13. For more information about the CD Assessment results (if you passed or failed) - check out our Assessment Info page.

Once you have completed the Workbooth Assessment, you can log out of Workbooth by clicking on the Home button (orange button in lower-left corner) and choosing "Logout"


Then you can choose to either Shut Down your PC (red button) or Restart your PC (blue button):


Workbooth will then shut down and you can either remove the Workbooth CD or the USB Flash/Thumb drive and continue to use your PC as normal. If you need to use Workbooth again, just put the CD in or plug in the USB Flash/Thumb drive, reboot from Windows and then boot to Workbooth just like you did in these steps. If you set BIOS correctly, you will note need to go in and change any BIOS settings.

Getting Technical Support

If you have any technical issues when attempting to take the CD Assessment, please check out our Self Help Page.

Non-technical questions should be directed to the Hirepoint Team.

What's Next?

One you pass the CD Assessment, the information will be passed along to the Hirepoint Team. Please allow 3-5 days for this update to occur. If you do not hear from them regarding the next steps in the interview process, please try and contact the Hirepoint Team directly (Tech Support cannot assist with this step).