Workbooth™ Agent/Candidate FAQs

Preparing to Run Workbooth™ Questions (Click on the Question to see the Answer)

What are the PC/Phone/Internet/Home Network Requirements to run Workbooth®?

Please be sure to check out the Home Network page as well. In effort to help everyone create a more stable work connection, we've broken out the specific information we have collected regarding the different types of Home Network setups and the best way you can setup your Home Network to ensure a stable connection to our systems.

Here are brief explanations of our minimum requirements. Please visit our Requirements page for more details.

  • PC Requirement: 1GHz or faster CPU with 512MB of RAM (1GB of RAM is recommended).
  • Internet Requirement: A wired Broadband (high-speed) internet connection is required. We do not allow wireless connections of any type (WiFi, Wireless, 3G/4G, Satellite, Microwave, Radio, etc).
  • Phone Requirement: For the majority of the projects no phone line is required (Teletech utilizes your data connection for phone delivery). Some projects may require a phone service, if so, the agent will be informed at the time of hire of this requirement. If a project does require a phone service then you must have a separate landline that has no phone features installed (i.e. no Call Waiting, no Voice Mail, no Call Blocking/Anonymous Call Block, etc). VoIP lines (i.e. Vonage, Skype) are not allowed, but Digital Phone Service is allowed as long as it is provided by your cable provider. For best performance when using DSL, make sure the phone line is not split off the DSL line; using a completely separate line (RJ11 connection) is the best solution.
  • Home Network: You must be hard-wired to your modem or router. You can have a wireless router, but the PC you use for Workbooth will need to be hardwired to the router. Please note, that while having a router isn't always required, in many cases, having a router plugged in between your Modem and PC will be the only way to connect to our servers.

Can I use a Netbook?

Netbooks often don't have a CD-ROM, the required display size or compatible network cards, so while ultimately you may be able to get Workbooth to load on a Netbook, you will be spending at least several hundred dollars to purchase the hardware necessary to get Workbooth running correctly on a Netbook.

Are Fiber internet connections allowed?

Yes, fiber internet connections are allowed. Some fiber services, however, do not make use of a modem that is located inside your home. If you have this type of fiber internet service, keep in mind that you will also need a 4-Port Broadband Router.

How do I find information about my computer system?

In Windows XP:

  1. Click on Start and then click on Run
  2. Type: msinfo32
  3. Click OK
  4. The System Information window will then open

To find the information about your system in Windows Vista:

  1. Click on Start and in the white search box above the Start button, type in: msinfo32
  2. Hit Enter
  3. The System Information window will then open

Tip: Windows Key + R will open the Run command box as well

The initial screen that pops up will show you a detailed list of information about your system

How do I determine if my computer's hardware is supported by WorkBooth™?

Here is how you can determine what kind of hardware you have:

Tip: In XP and Vista, click on the Windows key and then Pause/Break and the System Properties box will open

In Windows XP

  1. Click on the Start button select Control Panel
  2. Double-click on "System"
  3. Click on the Hardware tab and then click on "Device Manager"

In Windows Vista

  1. Click on the Start button and select Control Panel
  2. Click on "Device Manager" from the top/left

Once you have the Device Manager open, click on the plus sign next to an item in the list to see which type(s) of hardware you have installed.

Can two people use Workbooth from the same location?

Workbooth will not allow two sessions occurring from the same location/internet connection at the same time.

If there are two people in your household, using the same internet connection, you either have to work at different times or have two different internet connections (i.e. two different modems).

What do I do if I have problems booting to Workbooth™?

Please go to our Self-Help page for common issues and suggested troubleshooting steps

Do phone features such as call waiting, forwarding etc work with Workbooth™?

All call features such as call waiting, answering and forwarding need to be removed. If you do not remove these features, issues may arise with call stability, functionality, and routing. To determine if your phone has call features, contact your phone service provider. For more information, please visit our Requirements page

Does a wireless connection work with Workbooth™?

No, wireless connections do not work with WorkBooth™. If you are trying to connect to your modem/router wirelessly, you will need to use a hard-wired connection instead (via Ethernet cable). For more information, please visit our Requirements page

Does a wireless keyboard and mouse work with Workbooth™?

For best results, we recommend a hard-wired keyboard and mouse. A wireless Keyboard/Mouse may work for you, but if you have issues that seem to be related to your keyboard or mouse, try switching them out with a wired keyboard and/or mouse.

Getting Workbooth™ Started (Click on the Question to see the Answer)

How do I start the WorkBooth™ CD?

To start the WorkBooth™ CD that you received, perform the following steps. If you encounter problems, consult the Self Help page.

  1. Set your computer to boot from CD drive.
  2. Insert the disk into your computer's CD or DVD drive.
  3. Restart the computer
  4. At the "Welcome Screen" (B&W picture) hit Enter
  5. Allow the disk to continue to start.
  6. You will see one or two penguins. Some hardware does not display them.
  7. Watch as the system displays text in multiple colors that identifies the hardware being detected. WorkBooth™ is customizing itself to your hardware.
  8. WorkBooth™ is fully loaded once you see the "Flower Screen" (desktop with yellow flower in the middle)
  9. The Project Code box pops-up

How do I complete the CD Assessment (Tech Assessment)?

Instructions for running the CD Assessment are on the the CD Assessment Page.

What do I put in the Project Code Box?

If you are trying to run the CD Assessment (Tech Assessment), then you put in "test". If you are existing Associate, please use the project code that was given to you during training.

Why do I have to change the boot order of my PC to run Workbooth™?

WorkBooth™ is actually an operating system (OS) that you will be booting to for work. WorkBooth™ loads into your system's memory completely separate from your hard drive and existing operating system (like Windows XP or Vista)

The only way to load WorkBooth™ is to set your computer to "Boot to the CD" first and your PC will then booth to WorkBooth™ instead of Windows. When you are done working, you eject the CD and reboot your computer and it will automatically load back into Windows.

How do I change the boot order of my PC?

Click HERE for details instructions on setting your PC to Boot to a CD (Changing BIOS settings)

How do I get a new WorkBooth™ CD?

If you do not have a CD or need a new one, contact your Trainer, Supervisor, or Talent Acquisition Specialist and ask for one to be sent to you. You can also call Tech Support to request replacement CD's

How do I Shutdown/Restart WorkBooth and go back into Windows?

Close any applications so that you are back to the Flower Screen. Right-click on the Flower and select "Restart". When the CD ejects (takes a minute), pull the CD out of the tray and then hit Enter on your keyboard.

Why can't I install the WorkBooth™ CD in Windows?

WorkBooth™ does not install in Windows. It installs in memory after you reboot your PC into it. WorkBooth™ treats your CD ROM drive as a hard drive.